Manisha started painting out of curiosity, what stories colors can tell and how they will be perceived. Since our world is so rich with words and languages, how a painting still stands out and churns the emotions in spectators mind is the idea of all Manisha’s paintings.

She studied life science and from early age she was drawing human and animal anatomy and marvelled those drawings as art. Her paintings are influenced with this concept to project a living element with in layers of colors on a canvas.

After meeting her husband she moved to Netherlands in year 2013 and this became a time when she started exploring the creative aspects in her life. She wrote two poetry books and while writing she wanted to tell those stories via colors and that’s when she started following Post war abstract expressionism course taught by Museum of Modern art on Coursera. This course provided her the knowledge of mode and mediums of abstract art.

This is one of the first paintings she did on wooden panel.

Art is about techniques and bringing stories in them.
Title: Chaos on 70×70 canvas
Title: Minions(Sold)
Title: Holi (sold)
Title: Little people (sold)
Title: nebula(sold)
Title: one of the good guys(sold)